New Contract – Hellifossen powerplant

Energi Teknikk has signed the contract for the electromechanical supply to Hellifossen powerplant. The owner is Clemens kraft.

The Power plant is located in Bindal in Norway. The powerplant will have an output of 8,85MW with a head of 126 meters.  The turbine type is a vertical francis turbine.  The powerplant will be put in operation in Q2 2020

Historical delivery to Tokagjelet power plant – 27 MW Pelton

Clemens Kraft and Energi Teknikk has signed an agreement for the construction of Tokagjelet power plant in Norheimsund, Norway. The contract isn’t just the biggest Energi Teknikk has ever won, it also represents a first as total supplier of a small hydro power plant.

“To Tokagjelet we will supply the entire power plant. This means that we will deliver the intake structure, the tunnelled waterway, the power station, and off course the turbine equipment”, says Arild Klette Steinsvik, CEO of Energi Teknikk.

Energi Teknikk will construct the new power plant in partnership with local constructor Hardanger Maskin. Steinsvik believes that the combination of Energi Teknikk’s competence within turbine technology, and Hardanger Maskin’s expertise on tunnel drilling machines, was decisive in the contract award. The project starts at once, and construction time is estimated to 28 months.

Signed agreement with Fossberg Kraft

Energi Teknikk is awarded a new order for delivery of complete electromechanical equipment for Ljotå hpp. The delivery includes ET Pelton turbine with an output of 1,6 MW. The plant is designed for 140 meter net head. The equipment shall be delivered autumn 2019. Ljotå hpp is located in Fusa municipality in Hordaland.