Service and maintenance

Energi Teknikk’s service department provides service and maintenance agreements for all our delivered facilities, as well as facilities from other suppliers. An annual service agreement allows the customer access to our 24-hour emergency phone service, in addition to periodic inspection of the facility’s condition – with subsequent reporting.

Such inspections consist of a mechanical and electro-technical review of the facility, including inspection of gears, seals, oil, filters and gas level on the accumulator – as well as a check of wear and tear, paint condition and more. The electro-technical assessment includes control for hotspots in connection points by use of IR photography, isolation measurements on the generator and the station’s power supply, as well as a function test with full review of the control and safety features in the plant.

Remote diagnostics

In addition to periodic maintenance agreements, we offer remote diagnostics and possibility for connecting to our operating centre. In case of unforeseen events, our service team operates with a very short response time. Energi Teknikk always has a broad selection of spare parts in stock – based on anticipated needs.

Great potential in rehabilitation

If you have an older facility, you may be sitting on a great untapped potential in terms of both the plant’s effect and its income. Our experience from upgrade and rehabilitation projects is that older plants often have the potential to provide an extra 8-10 per cent income. Through know-how, experience and understanding, our experts have a strong foundation for proposing and delivering tailored and smart solutions for the proper utilisation of your specific power plant.