Energi Teknikk with delivery for Dyrkolbotn hpp

Energi Teknikk has signed the contract for the electromechanical supply to Dyrkolbotn powerplant. The owner is Nipo Kraft AS.

The Power plant is located in vestland in Norway. The powerplant will have an output of 2,69 MW with an annual production of approx. 10 GWh. The turbine type is a vertical Peltonturbine. The powerplant will be put in operation in Q3 2023.

Ocean GeoLoop acquires 67 % of Energi Teknikk

We are enthusiastic about having Ocean GeoLoop on the team in the further development of Energi Teknikk. Not only will we maintain the strong position as a supplier of goods and services within electromechanical equipment, but Ocean GeoLoop also offers us very exciting opportunities within its investment in carbon capture, says Arild Klette Steinsvik, general manager of Energi Teknikk.

Energi Teknikk has had strong growth in the last 3 years. The company is at the end of the Tokagjelet project, which has been the company’s largest project to date. The company has also gained a good position in the upgrading and service segment. With Ocean GeoLoop as a major share holder, the company is well equipped for further growth. Ocean GeoLoop contributes important industrial expertise and strengthens Energi Teknikk`s financially position by providing financing to ensure continued solid deliveries to its customers.

The parties have for some time been looking at common opportunities and the collaboration offers further technological opportunities for Energi Teknikk. There are synergies with current technology that can be further developed and together it will open up new market opportunities with significant potential.

Ocean GeoLoop has a very exciting pilot under construction. Energi Teknikk has turbine technology that is intended to be used in Ocean GeoLoop’s investment in carbon capture, this provides opportunities for both companies.

The management of Energi Teknikk, consisting of Eivind Tvedt, Carine Klemmetsen and Arild Klette Steinsvik, will, through their holding company, hold the remaining shareholding in Energi Teknikk.

About Ocean GeoLoop | www.oceangeoloop.com

Ocean GeoLoop is a green tech company aiming at using nature’s own way of solving the challenges of our time in a circular way. In 2022, the company introduces the GeoLoop CC technology that captures point source CO2 emissions, using natural and harmless processes, transforming the CO2 to a stable, liquid state. Ocean GeoLoop call this process “Carbon capture by nature.” The GeoLoop CC will help companies and countries around the globe to reach their goals of reduced emissions before 2030 and net zero by 2050. The company is in a process of being listed on Euronext Growth Oslo.

Refurbishment for Eviny Fornybar AS

Nedre Svultingen power plant was completed in 1965 and has an annual power production of 37.5 GWh, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of approx. 2000 households. The power plant is over 50 years old and will be revised during 2022 and 2023 with several upgrades where Energi Teknikk will deliver and install switch gear and control systems. Nedre Svultingen power plant is located in Hyllestad municipality in Vestland and is owned by Eviny Fornybar AS.

Delivery for Sognekraft

Energi Teknikk has signed a contract with Sognekraft AS for electromechanical supply to Mundalselvi power plant.

The power plants is located in Fjærland, Vestland in Norway.

The power plants will have an output of 4,3 MW and will be equipped with ET Pelton turbine. The power plant will be put in operation in Q3-22.

Energi Teknikk deliver 2 Francis hpps to Captiva

Energi Teknikk has signed a contract with Captiva Asset Management AS for electromechanical supply to Flatestøl and Steinbergdalen power plants.

The power plants is located in Lund, Rogaland in Norway.

The power plants will have an output of 2 x 2 MW and will be equipped with two ET Francis turbines. The power plant will be put in operation in Q4-21.

New contracts with Norsk Omipower

Energi Teknikk has signed contracts for delivery of electromechanical packages to Norsk Omipower. The Projects are Krossdalselvi powerplant and Brattabøelvi powerplant. The Projects are located in Jondal, in Ullensvang municipality in Norway.

Krossdalselvi powerplant will have an installed capacity of 5,8MW with a net head of 146 meters.

Brattabøelvi powerplant will have an installed capacity of 4,4MW with a net head of 239 meters.